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  Pet Oxygen Masks

After responding to house fires and volunteering to help the animal victims, Dr. Jo Ann Daniels has made it her mission to obtain Pet Oxygen Masks for Pasco County fire rescue first responders.  These special masks can be fitted to human oxygen supplies to help pets affected by smoke inhalation to save lives.  

Just as important as the proper equipment is the training of its use. Understanding how to administer oxygen therapy to animals and how to interact with a stressed pet will help first responders react to distressed pets quickly and safely.  Dr. Daniels has taught 10 classes so far, and is working toward training additional first responders.

Pasco County Fire Rescue has several sets of Pet Oxygen Masks that Dr. Daniels donated, and several from a rescue group. However, it is essential to obtain a set of masks for every fire truck and we need your help.               

Please email our hospital for further information and to learn how to order a set of Pet Oxygen Masks for your local firehouse.


Dr. Daniels responded to a house fire in Land O' Lakes.  A neighbor entered the house and rescued a pet.  Pasco County Fire Rescue first responders and Pasco County Sheriff Deputies assisted Dr. Daniels with oxygen therapy via a Pet Oxygen Mask which saved this pets life......


   Does your local fire station have a set of Pet Oxygen Masks?

Thanks to all the media exposure, donations are being received to order masks.  Please keep telling everyone about this community project that will help save lives !

A special thank you for donations from:

          The Peters Family 

   Darrell, Alicia, and Magic Peters
                    In Memory of 

   Wizard,             Ginger        and Mr. Gizmo

  Liner Construction & The Liner Families:
The Laker:
Lutz vet’s donation to fire station saves pet lives

Dr. Jo Ann Daniels wants to inspire others to support the cause

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  Mr. & Mrs. 
James McKeever Land O' Lakes
       Mr. & Mrs. Vern Richardson
        In Memory of Thor
           08/28/02 - 03/29/14 

Thor was also known as:
Little Man... Special Boy... Precious Pug... Love Bucket... Love Sponge.. and to all of us at Central Pasco Veterinary Care 
Thor was known as Numero Uno !!!

(Thor was our very first, and very special patient)
Faithful Friends 
Pet Cremation

Carolyn Hodges  -  Rachel Dowling - Damon LeBlanc

5221 Eight Street, Zephyrhills, FL 33542

Mr. & Mrs. John and Marlene Jackson

In Memory of 

Mr. and Mrs. McNeil & Lori Brown, 
Magic, Ed, 
Nina, Lola and 

Pasco County Fire Rescue responded to a house fire today. Fire fighters pulled a family cat from the fire and used the Pet Oxygen Masks that we donated to save his life. They moved him to an air conditioned area, administered oxygen via the specially fitting Pet Oxygen Mask and continued to stabilize him. Chief R. Luter called Dr. Jo Ann Daniels from Central Pasco Veterinary Care to the scene, where she assessed the cat and arranged admission to Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services where he was further treated for his smoke inhalation. After the fire was contained, one of fire fighters helping stabilize the cat came up to Dr. Daniels to let her know that how he used the special fitting cat mask, and remembered the training from the class Dr. Daniels taught.

A special thanks to ALL the first responders, fire fighters, paramedics, and incident commanders that cared so much about saving Pepe the cat. They worked tirelessly in rough conditions to ensure a successful outcome. 

Also a special thanks to everyone that has supported our fund raising programs - ie) Pet Pictures with Santa Day - that gave the first responders the equipment they needed today !!!!

Chief Luter and Dr. Jo Ann Daniels 
                           Ms. Lucy Wicinski
                             In Loving Memory 
                            of Callie 
Presentation of the Pet Oxygen Masks Sets to Fire Chief Scott Cassin   
Presentation of Pet Oxygen Masks to Pasco County Fire Rescue

  In Loving Memory of Max

              Mr. and Mrs. 
   Brian & Kristine Narcum,
          Murphy and Cody 
Dr. Daniels volunteers to train firefighters how to utilize the 
pet oxygen masks.
Central Pasco Veterinary Care's Annual Holiday Banquet 
   Pasco County Fire Rescue saved 4 kittens from house fire using the pet oxygen masks