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                       Be Kind To Animals



    Please help us help the stray and abused
    of Pasco County.  The following items are
    needed.  They can be dropped off to our
    Lobby M-F 9am to 5pm and Saturday between 8 am - 12 noon.

                            THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS

  1)  Collars

  2)  Leashes

  3)  Enrichment Toys  (kongs, air kongs, balls,)

  4)  Heartworm Prevention

  5)  Advantage, Frontline, Preventic Collars

  6)  Cat Litter Boxes and Scoops

  7)  Cat Litter  (Tidy Cat Multi-Cat tubs)

  8)  Dog Beds and pillows

  9)  Cat Beds and pillows

10)  Dog and Cat Brushes

11)  Money for Medications

12)  Food - Dry or canned

  How you can help animals:

  1) Take care of your pets:
       Regular preventative care can help your pets stay healthy
       and happy.  Feed them a quality diet and avoid table scraps. 
       Keep pets on monthly heartworm prevention and flea & tick
       control to prevent disease.  Exercise regularly (Cats too!).
       See your veterinarian for their recommendations. 

  2)  Adopt a pet from a Shelter or Rescue Agency:
      Many abandoned and lost animals need loving homes. 
       You and your family can provide the care, shelter, food
       and love they need.  Visit Pasco County Animal Services
       and take the adoption match test to see what kind of pet
       matches your family and lifestyle.

  3)  Watch out for wildlife:  
       Be sure to pick up litter such as fishing line and food
       containers.  These items can be hazardous to wildlife.
       Avoid feeding or approaching wildlife.  If they lose their
       natural inhibitions, dangerous consequences may occur.

  4)  Spay and Neuter your pets to control pet overpopulation.

  5)  Place proper identification on your pet and have them
      microchipped - get them home safely if they ever get loose.

  6)  Volunteer your time at a shelter, rescue agency or
      educational program to promote animal care in schools.

                Please call us if you have any questions !