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The summer of 2004 is one that Floridians will always remember.  Four hurricanes caused chaos as they ripped through Florida's coastal and inland towns, and changed the meaning of hurricane preparedness forever.  After Hurricane Charley devistated the Punta Gorda area, Dr. Jo Ann Daniels responded to administer aid to the animal victims of the storm.  Together with numerous volunteers from all over Florida, Dr. Daniels provided examinations and treatment of injured and sick pets, strays and wildlife.  These included injuries such as lacerations, eye ulcerations, heat exhaustion, and dehydration.  The local shelters worked with the national rescue agencies to provide a disaster relief triage site, shelter, supplies, and care to lost and injured animals.  They were also instrumental in reuniting pets with their owners by scanning each animal for a microchip and tracking the descriptions and locations of  found pets.

See our Hurricane Guide for more information about how you and your pets should prepare for this season.

Dr. Daniels is pictured here examining a Jack Russell Terrier puppy that was vomiting from accidentally eating some house insulation and other debris after the storm.  Note the house in the background with no roof.
The volunteers cared for many orphaned wildlife including squirrels, birds, and racoons, bottle feeding hourly and providing them warmth
This dog checked out as a healthy patient.  He just needed some dinner, water, and TLC !
Local veterinary hospitals and county animal services donated the anesthesia and sterile surgical supplies that allowed Dr. Daniels to surgically repair this deep laceration.
Pictured is a Punta Gorda home after Hurricane Charley. 
Do you have arrangements made for you and your pets to evacuate to safety ?
Please visit the Hurricane Guide posted on our website to learn more about hurricane preparedness for your pets.