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Services Offered:

Comprehensive Physical Exams: 

A thorough physical examination is performed on each visit.  Our doctors and technicians will address any concerns that you have about your companion animals.  

Customized Preventative Health Care:

Individualized programs are developed according to each patient’s exposure, limitations, and health status.  Wellness exams and diagnostics are based on your pet’s species, breed, age and lifestyle.

Digital Radiography:

This technology will take instant and detailed x-rays to assist in the accurate evaluation of your family pet’s health.  A copy of the x-ray file will be provided for you to take home.  

In-Hospital Laboratory:

A broad range of in-house testing is available such as hematology, blood chemistries, and parasitic examinations.  Additional diagnostic testing is available through a national veterinary reference laboratory.

On-Site Pharmacy:

Medications, shampoos, prescription diets, heartworm prevention and flea control products are available during your visit.

Anesthesia and Surgery:

Anesthesia is formulated and administered based on pre-anesthetic testing, individual health status and is specific to the species and breed of each patient.  Monitoring includes ECG, heart rate, respiration, oxygen saturation, CO2, temperature, and blood pressure of all surgical and dentistry procedures.  All patients have an intravenous catheter placed and are given peri-operative fluid therapy.  Our on-site autoclave sterilizes all surgical instruments prior to each procedure.

Pain Management:

Medications are given to all surgical patients to prevent and control pain, including dental procedures such as extractions.  Pain management is also incorporated into medical treatment plans for sick patients, hospitalized patients and chronic medical conditions.

Dental Scaling & Polishing:

Under general anesthesia, dental prophylaxis includes probing and charting of all teeth, ultrasonic scaling, and polishing. At discharge, our trained dental care team will discuss home dental care techniques to promote oral hygiene


When its time, we offer compassionate euthanasia services at our hospital.  We also provide for all after care arrangements to lessen the burden to families going through such a difficult time.