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                      Pet Dental Care Awareness. 

                         Periodontal disease can                                affect your pets health. 

The following information can help keep your pets smile bright and help prevent health problems from dental disease.

1) Regular Examinations:

Schedule an appointment to have your pets oral health evaluated by our veterinarian.  Dental disease can be graded into four stages.  Based on these stages, recommendations can be made for an ultrasonic scaling and polishing procedure, if one is necessary. This stage number will also allow our staff to give you an estimate based on the degree of involvement and time that procedure will take.

Stage 1 - Gingivitis
  - Reversible gingival inflammation
  - Inflammation without loss of gingival attachment
  - Plaque and calculus present

Stage 2 - Mild Periodontitis
  - Up to 25 % attachment loss
  - Beginning of bone loss and/or gingival recession
  - With or without pocket formation

Stage 3 - Moderate Periodontitis
  - Up to 50 % attachment loss
  - Moderate bone loss and tooth mobility
  - May have root exposure and/or deeper pockets between
    tooth and bone.

Stage 4 - Severe Periodontits
- More than 50 % attachment loss
- Significant bone loss and tooth mobility

2) Dental Ultrasonic Cleaning and Polishing:

Under general anesthesia,  probing and charting of teeth document changes present. All teeth are scaled ultrasonically and then polished.  A flouride treatment is applied.  If removal of large amounts of plaques reveal cavities, fractured or damaged teeth - that tooth can be extracted.  Pain medication and anti-inflammatories are administered, as well as antibiotics if infection is a concern.

3) Home Dental Care Products

Brushing daily is ideal. On days that you can't brush, give a dental treat (under supervision).  Water additives can also help reduce plaque that leads to gingivitis.  The following are some dental care products that Dr. Daniels recommends:

C.E.T.Tooth Brush Kits


Finger Brush Kits

                                                C.E.T. VeggieDents

C.E.T Hextra Chews

                                                Hills Prescription T/D Diet

C.E.T.  Water Additives

Stop by for a complimentary sample of T/d treats.  They are
available in feline, small bites canine, and canine sizes.  Ask our staff how you can prevent dental disease for your pet.